Carlos Ontiveros
Carlos Ontiveros
Biographical information
Nationality Mexican
Died 2013
Death place Mexico
Affiliations Aquila 7
Occupation Leader of Aquila 7
Appearances GRAW

Carlos Ontiveros is the leader of Aguila 7 and the son of General Ontiveros. the man behind the 2013 coup in Mexico. Ontiveros received his training from Bud, a Blackhawk pilot and friend of Captain Scott Mitchell. In the shanty town, Carlos and his aid, Colonel Obregon, attack Captain Nick Salvatore and kills most of his team. Later, Carlos is seen killing the soldier who has the "nuclear football". Later, Ontiveros escapes aboard a Havoc helicopter. Soon after, after General Ontiveros is captured, Carlos kills Bud with a headshot and hijacks an Apache helicopter. He later shoots down Bravo Team's Blackhawk and captures them. After a battle with Carlos, the Apache is shot down by Mitchell, but Carlos escapes to the embassy with Bravo Team. After fighting his way to the embassy, Captain Mitchell recovers the nuclear football, rescues Bravo Team and kills Ontiveros.


Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter

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