Carl Bookhart is a former U.S. Army Ranger who now trains Sicarios for the Santa Blanca Drug Cartel. He serves as a "buchon" under El Muro in the Montuyoc province.

Originally from Vermont, he grew up to be a juvenile delinquent with a string of arrests dating back to his teenage years. Carl Bookhart was set on his path after being arrested at eighteen and being given the choice by the judge between jail time and military service. He went for the latter. Bookhart flourished in the Army, graduating from Ranger school and served two tours overseas with the 3rd Battalion in Iraq in 2003, where he served with future Ghost, Nomad. After being discharged in 2006 following an IED explosion in 2005, he slowly returned to his old ways, and spent a lot of time in Mexico, where he was recruited into Santa Blanca by El Muro, who asked him to train future sicarios to be elite soldiers because of his experience in the army and overseas.

The Ghosts managed to find Bookhart and a group of sicarios hiding in the Choza Padre silver mines in Montuyoc. Bowman ordered the team to kill Bookhart, who encountered the Ghosts deep within the mines, and died in the resulting firefight.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • After defeating Carl Bookhart, the player will be rewarded with 5 skill points, and the M4A1 Tactical, a unique variant of the M4A1.

Bowman: It looks like you were right, his two-fourteen has him in Iraq with Third Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment back in '03. Discharged in '06, and then he drops off the radar.

Nomad: I'm getting the notion he's kept in shape.

Bowman: Our deserter tells me he's at a cartel base located inside the abandoned Choza Padre silver mine. Find Bookhart. Take him out. Killing him will disrupt the cartel's training program for months.

Nomad: Copy that. We'll get it done."

---Bowman giving background information and kill orders on Bookhart to Nomad.