Burning Sands
Burning Sands
Location Samhar Awraja, Eritrea
Date May 16, 2009 / 03:00 Hours
Objective 1. Eliminate Beach Encampment
2. Neutralize Machine Guns
3. Secure Area Around Radio Tower
X. Eliminate Main Tent Camp
Game Ghost Recon: Desert Siege
Previous Operation: White Razor
Next Operation: Flame Pillar

Burning Sands is the first mission conducted by The Ghosts during the Eritrean War in 2009.


This is the Horn of Africa, gentlemen. I hope you like it, because we're going to be here a while.

This is our situation: We're going in as part of a multinational force operating at the request of the Eritrean government. It seems that one of the ways our friends back in Russia bankrolled their coup was selling surplus weapons, cheap. A faction of the Ethiopian military led by a certain Col. Tesfaye Wolde was one of their best customers. Once they got their arms, Wolde and his supporters made their move, overthrowing the legitimate government and then making a push for the Red Sea coast. Right now they own everything on the water south of Massawa, and they're rolling up the Eritrean army as they head north. We're here to do something about that.

In order to leave some kind of infrastructure intact, the Eritrean government has also requested that we try to preserve as much of the local architecture as possible. That means that your unit is going to be getting a lot of work. Your first mission is to secure a radio transmitter on the beach north of Massawa. The beach is guarded lightly, but the approach up the bluffs that the station's sitting on is another story. Clear the beach first, then work your way up to the heights and take that transmitter. Once that's in hand, clear out the machine gun nests guarding the beach approaches. If you can, clear the area of all hostiles. The troops following you will appreciate it.


The Ghosts were deployed on the beach and pushed past the resistance to secure the radio tower, eventually clearing a beachhead for the following forces.




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