Bolivia is a country that resides in South America that has been classified as a Narco-State due to the Bolivian Government turning a blind eye towards drug cartels. When the Santa Blanca Drug Cartel bombed a U.S. Embassy, kidnapped, tortured and executed undercover DEA agent Ricky Sandoval, they were changed from simple narcos to narco-terrorists. Thus, the U.S. Army decided to kick off Operation Kingslayer, sending in a team of Ghosts consisting of Ghost Leader "Nomad", Tactical Gunner "Midas", Combat Engineer "Holt", Sniper "Weaver", and Karen Bowman as their handler, to eliminate the Cartel and reveal the connection between the Santa Blanca and the Bolivian government.

Bolivia contains many vast provinces with various environments, such as the burnt forests of La Cruz, swamplands of Caimanes, and snow capped mountains of Inca Camina. These provinces are filled with drug cartels, Unidad, and Kataris 26 Rebels alike, all fighting for a cause. Unidad and Cartels can be frequently seen making trades of supplies, and can be disrupted to make them open fire upon each other. Rebels can be found in rebel outposts, driving the streets of Bolivia, and even imprisoned in Santa Blanca controlled towns and outposts, along with Unidad F.O.B.'s.

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