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Bodark is a Russian Spetsnaz unit comparable to The Ghosts. Highly trained and disciplined, their name comes from the myth of men who became wolves. They ally with Raven's Rock, a group of influential and ultranationalistic Russian politicians, soldiers, and weapon dealers. They had their own type of large drone.

The Ghosts first encounter Bodark operatives in Georgia where they are sent to find and rescue a Georgian Special Forces team. The team find the last surviving Georgian soldier but before they can rescue him he is taken to the church to be interrogated. The Ghosts assault the church and rescue the soldier, but after they leave the room they are ambushed by Bodark operatives. After fighting through the ambush, the Ghosts push down the hill and reach the extraction point where they are again ambushed by Bodark.

The second encounter with Bodark is at the Ghosts' base where Kozak interrogates a captured Bodark operative. When questioned, the man revealed nothing except that he knew Kozak's real name and that he was from New York, taunting him by saying that his unit "can't keep its men alive".

The Ghosts again fight Bodark operatives in Moscow when they covertly escort the Russian President. Shortly afterward, they fight more Bodark protecting the Raven's Rock leaders.

Four Bodark officers steal Russian secrets. The Ghosts kill these officers to cover the theft of the data.


  • Bodark appears in Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. They also appear in the singleplayer Raven Strike DLC.
  • The Bodarks are officially known as the Special Training Unit 500.


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