Juan Pablo Baro Rebolledo
General Baro
Biographical information
Nationality Bolivia Bolivian
Born October 21, 1951
Birth place Rio Uruqui, Bolivia
Affiliations Santa Blanca Cartel
Role Unidad General
Appearances Ghost Recon Wildlands

Juan Pablo Baro Rebolledo, aka General Baro, is the head of UNIDAD in Bolivia.

He serves as a buchon in the Santa Cartel under security. He is located in Flor De Oro.

General Baro handles logistic and strategy to let the cartel do their job and avoid crossing the agreements within the Bolivian Government. He makes sure that the Santa Blanca Cartel does not bring extreme violence into Bolivian society, or sells cocaine in the territory. Baro and El Sueño made promises with each other, however their relationship is tense and it is a matter of time before they fall out once more.

He is a longtime friend of El Yayo and the Bolivian Cartels. He believes that becoming an addict is just for weak-minded people. So he let the cartel produce drugs to wipe off the weak. He doesn’t have any kind of conflict about that unless the cartel doesn’t respect Unidad’s and Bolivia’s sovereignty. The SB pays him really well, and they respect his ways so he is left alone... for the moment. His wife and daughter are unaware of his ties with the cartel.