The Phantom League - Assault
Biographical information
Affiliations US Army logo United States Army
Phantoms Phantoms
Occupation Soldier
Class Assault Class
Appearances Ghost Recon Phantoms Webcomic

Alexander Berrin, or "Bard", is the callsign of a member of the Phantoms. He is an ex-Ghost who was reported to have been killed in action. He is active in the near future, leading Shadow Team in the raid on the Xinyi District. His team stole the package, but lost it as they tried to evacuate on a helicopter. He later fought the Ghosts during the assault on the Phantom's compound in Khyber. His team escaped, and he left his dogtags behind as a clue.

Bard favors the ADS technology and the AK 12.

Personality Edit

A poet and visionary, Bard's words and bravado have earned him the loyalty of his fellow Phantoms, but his intellect makes him arrogant enough to risk his own life and the lives of his men.


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