Argent Thunder
Argent Thunder
Location Europe, Russia, Moscow
Date September 23, 2024 / 03:40 Hours
Objective Hunt for Raven Rock VIP targets hidden in the heart of Moscow.
Game Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
Previous Operation: Cold Walker

Argent Thunder is the third mission conducted by the Ghost Team during the Russian coup.


Scott Mitchell: Raven's Rock is finished. Thanks to the eavesdropping package you placed on Kozlov's command post, we've been listening in on the Russians' high-level communications. Intelligence officers at the Kremlin and the Defense Ministry are reporting that huge amounts of classified data have been stolen. The Russians have traced the file transfers to an Interior Ministry building across town. Douka's about to throw a ring of steel around the building. Get inside the building, get the files, and get out before you're cut off. If we pull this off, we'll have the Russians by the balls for decades. If we fail, we could be looking at another Cold War.

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