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The AUG is an assault rifle of Austrian origin. It is the most widely used assault rifle in bullpup configuration in the world. The abbreviation AUG stands for Armee Universel Gewehr, German for universal army rifle. The AUG was developed in the early 1970's to replace the FAL in Austrian services, but later was exported to many nations.

At the time of the development the AUG featured state of the art design choices. The most distinguishing feature is the bullpup configuration. The trigger is placed in front of the magazine and the receiver doubles as the stock, resulting in a very short weapon. The furniture is made of a tough polyamide. The AUG is gas operated and uses a short stroke gas piston and rotating bolt.

The AUG is known as an accurate and reliable weapon. It fires the 5.56x45mm round from 30 round translucent magazines. The 42 round magazines of the light support variant can also be used. Due to the rifling both the older M193 and newer SS109 rounds can be fired. The two stage trigger allows for semi-automatic fire with a light pull and automatic fire with a full pull. The effective range depends on the barrel lenght and is given as 400 meter with the standard barrel.

The AUG A3 is the latest version in the AUG family. It is a highly modified version of the AUG A1. Instead of a fixed 1.5x sight unit a long Picatinny accessory rail is mounted on top. Additional accessory rails are mounted at the forward grip. The A3 also features an external bolt release and an optional 3 round burst ability. The standard model is fitted with a 455mm barrel, but it is also available with a 365mm, 406mm and 508mm barrel.