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The AT4 is a rocket launcher of Swedish origin. It was developed by Bofors to replace the earlier Miniman and to offer a sort of single shot Carl Gustav. The AT4 is a potent weapon but will not piece a modern main battle tank's armor over the frontal arc. A much larger version which was able to do that, called the AT12, was being developed, but was cancelled as the Cold War came to an end.

The AT4 is a preloaded single shot weapon that is disposed once used. The design is based on the earlier Miniman, but features a larger caliber rocket. The larger caliber allows for a larger warhead and 84mm was chosen in order to reuse many components from the Carl Gustav recoilless rifle. The smoothbore rigid launch tube is made from fiberglass. The launch tube includes a forward grip, flip up sights with adjustable rearsight and trigger button. Various types of warheads exists. All warheads are also produced in a form that uses the Davis countershot principle for use in confined spaces.

The original version uses a HEAT warhead of similar design as used on the Carl Gustav. The penetration is over 400 mm RHA. Other versions with HEDP and extra high penetration are also available. The effective range is 300 meters with the maximum range being 500 meters.