The AS50 is a .50 Caliber Anti-Materiel Counter-Sniper Rifle available for use by Ghost Recon.


The AS50 appears in GRAW 1 and 2. In both games it features a 10-round magazine instead of the 5 rounds found in the Barrett M95.

In the Xbox 360 version it is known as the SR AS50 and carries ten rounds.

Real-world developmentEdit


Developed by British company Accuracy International, the AS50 was reportedly built especially for US SOCOM operators. It is now being tested by the US NAVY Special Operations Centre. The AS50 is gas operated and semi-automatic, providing a high level of accuracy and rapid fire at extended ranges. It features a free-floating barrel and an easily detachable buttstock with a folding rear hand grip.

  • Caliber: 12.7x99mm / .50BMG
  • Operation: gas operated, semiautomatic
  • Barrel: 692 mm
  • Weight: 14.1 kg empty
  • Length: 1369 mm
  • Feed Mechanism: 10 rounds detachable box magazine



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