The AH-6 Little Bird is a single, six-bladed main rotor with four-bladed tail rotor. The helicopter was praised for its versatility, efficiency and utility, the helicopter was still used by the United States Armed Forces. Because all of its remarkable perks and the small fuselage, the helicopter was generally utilized for Special Operations and to date, it has a total of nine variants including a special UAV variant.

The AH-6 utilizes an “egg-shaped” design. The front houses a large glass, high-visibility bubble cockpit, capable of seating two crew members. The rear is the home of the engine, which develops about 375 shp, powering the Little Bird to a maximum speed of 282 km/h. With 235 liters of internal fuel, the AH-6 has a max range of 430 kilometers.

The AH-6 has a number of features that have made it the U.S. Special Forces’ primary (and only) attack helicopter to this day. Despite lacking armor, it is reasonably tough and leaves the pilots a good chance of survival in a crash. It is very quiet, and when painted black, has a good degree of stealth. This light helicopter is also immensely proficient at difficult, fast, and dangerous maneuvers, making it suitable for both urban and rural environments, especially at low altitudes.

The AH-6 can carry a wide variety of weapons on its two mounting pylons. It is generally a combination of the following weapons: M230 30 mm chainguns, six-barreled M134 7.62 mm miniguns, three-barreled 12.7 mm GAU-19 Gatling guns, pods with Hydra 70 mm unguided rockets, AGM-114 Hellfire anti-tank missiles, and AIM-92 Stinger short range air-to-air missiles.

Role in Ghost Recon

The AH-6 Little Bird was the part of the forces deployed to Mexico in 2014.


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