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Favorite loadout?

Curious to compare mine with others.

Primary: ACR - Russian Red Dot & G33 Hybrid, M203, Long barrel, Semi-Auto Suppressed and tri-dot laser sight.

Secondary: Either the HTI/SR25 when I wanna be stealthy, or the UNIDAD RPK-74 when I go loud.

Sidearm: D-50 Laser sight.
EMP drone for taking convoys with absolute ease.

What's your guys' loadouts?
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Laser Sights are great.. Besides, they look COOL
@xarls85 tried loadout liked it
@veryxiin have u tried the mp7
Havent found the mod yet.
Yes I have tried it
Primary: M4A1 WITH Holo & G33, Range Finder, Standard Grenade Launcher.
Secondary: HTI with TARS scope

Sidearm: D50/La Novena (boss D50)
@Veryxiin at least Im not the only one using the vector. BTW have u seen the Mendeleyev variant of Vector its a boss weapon but looks sick AF.
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