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Hello fellow Ghosts,

I have recently bought Ghost Recon Wildlands and have been playing it offline because I haven't had internet. This coming Saturday I will be getting internet and wish to play GRW online with some other players( at least two). I play anywhere from 4:00pm-6:00pm CT on weekdays and 5:00pm-9:00pm on weekends. I am looking for players who play stealthy and tactical, are fairly good at sniping, and mature. Also, I play on the hardest difficulty(I forget what it's called) and with no minimap.

If anyone is interested, please post your GT and I'll come back Saturday and send an invite to you from my GT Ninjapwn3r97.
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I'll play
What's your GT?
Alright. Like I said, I have to wait till Saturday, but I'll send you an invite when I am able.
Add me
LeGend Darin M4
I'll play if you're still looking for players
I'm still looking. I'm starting today with sending out invites
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