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I think this game is a really well thought and product, I bought the gold edition of the game and I think it was worth it. The game is really fun from the large wandering area to its story
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What came with the gold edition? I also like the story and the open world is beautiful :)
Season pass gun skins costumes etc
I love the fact that side missions are not easy. I had a shoot out with Intel mission and had a rebel mission interfere. Anything is possible and can happen.
I'm just starting out the game, but I have done a few side missions, explored the region, etc. I believe the game has a very nice balance of gameplay with story missions, side missions, and just open world exploration. Also, I like how you have to actually work for a story mission with gathering Intel instead of just having a mission where you don't really get a good briefing on it. My only disappointment is that you can't customize the others on your team(I play offline). It kind of takes a way a aspect of immersion, but overall it is a really good game and I'm loving it very much.
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