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I have been a fan of the ghost recon series since the first ghost recon came out on ps2 and Xbox 360 never played any of the others for PC,wii,psp. With release coming I feel like a kid from the 80's opening up that Nintendo system Christmas morning! I have been pumped for this game for over a year and a half since I first read about it and watched that first video! Is there anyone else using this app as excited as i am?
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I watched 37 minutes of gameplay earlier absolutely can not wait get my hands on it!!!
I played both closed and open beta and it was a delight
I think you gone see more people here ones the game if fully avaliable
I have the gold pre order and did already first mission.
But then it was time to go to work...
I played the open beta and I liked a lot. I can't Aretha time do play it.
About to launch it myself! Woot!!
I'm at chemo with my mom picked up my copy earlier this morning absolutely can not wait to get home in a couple hours!
O wow -- hope you or her feel better?
Thanks!!!! It's her she has lung cancer but we were informed today that it is shrinking and she is doing good!!!
I played a couple hours last night when the servers went online at midnight, and a couple before I left for work today. I still can't drive to save my life xD ( 10/10 would somehow manage to flip an APC upside down and get it stuck again)
Put it in at 4:00 pm and I am just about 29%. Feeling like this is gonna be well worth the wait. I can already see hours being put in tonite!
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