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• 2/23/2017

Open Beta is Live! How is it?

Anybody playing the open beta at the moment? How are people liking it? Let me know the pros and cons!
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• 2/24/2017
really enjoyed the Closed beta and I'm defo enjoying the open beta.
• 2/24/2017
Pretty awesome. Few minor bugs like crashing but I have no doubt that it'll be resolved in the finished product.
• 2/25/2017
I've played it for three hours or so. I like it well enough that I preordered it tonight. I haven't played enough yet to give a solid opinion on pros and cons.
• 2/25/2017
I'd definitely recommend it.
Pros. Great customization, weapons and characters alike.
Will keep you busy for hours on end with main story, side quests, exploration and resource looting. (cant forget easter egg hunting).
Looks beautiful.
HUGE (not exaggerating) map.
You can drive an APC. (enough said)

Obviously it's buggy, since it's still a beta. But so far
There's collision issues.
Helo flight controls are a bit weird to get used to at first.
The fact that I hopped off of the back of a tractor that my friend was driving a solid 2 mph and instantly died was rather amusing, but obviously broken. (same thing happens if you exit the trunk of a car at any speeds)
When you get in a vehicle and drive away without your AI squadmates, they will magically reappear whenever you next exit the vehicle, which kind of kills the realism of the game.
They also magically appear on your helicopter if you just fly away from them.

Regardless, I would definitely recommend it. Extremely fun if you like to stay busy being mobile.
• 2/26/2017
It's pretty good and fun but the games seems bland,not repetitive but bland
• 2/26/2017
This has the potential to be the greatest open world tactical shooter to date... but you need to do the following to claim that status.

1- when all of the sudden you are under heavy fire, we must be able to DIVE for cover like METAL GEAR SOLID 5. On xbox the X button would be perfect.

2- we need more options for stealth. Throwing firecrackers is a little unrealistic. Rocks or coins make more sense. And Don't limit the use of diversionary tactics. Stealth is fun and should be rewarded. Also The mechanics for throwing is not as refined as the division or MGSV. Being able to quickly throw throwables accurately in a must. Right now its clunky

3- it is hard to sneak up on AI! Keep it that way, the challenge is awesome and rewarding when you can sneak up and take someone down. But give us more choices of interrogation once we grab them. We should have the option of interrogating anyone we grab. Getting basic info on enemy locations, captives, etc. its exciting when this info is obtained by spontaneous interrogation. Also a choke out is more realistic than a strike. In the field you would never strike to knock someone out, ever. A rear choke is standard.

4- the option to play without AI back up would be nice. Some players don't want to be rescued and watch all the enemies get killed by an AI team. Id rather die, start over and do it myself until i win.
The option would be very cool.

5- I know its a bite off Farcry, but a wing suit is needed in this game. It feels like you knew this but didn't want to COPY Farcry. Fuck that! Give us a wing suit. The parachute is cooool, but come on everyone love a good wing suit.
• 2/27/2017
The beta (to me) is really good.
Unfortunately, the missions are quickly finished leaving you sicario houses to clear but thats it.
The map in the beta is Giant, for there only being two provinces.

Sorry if there are a lot of spelling mistakes in this reply, but i Just woke up
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